Mer finnst gamann að ganga , Snæfelsness

Film, Never ending time. 

Each time I go to Snæfelsness, I´m hiking the glacier and i video tape it. 






Bæjarharun, Snæfelsness

Film, 3 minutes, 2019.

Im looking at the centre of the earth. Random, in the book "visionary art", defines the fantasy genre as a real vision. He writes: "The desire to communicate with the gods, the fairies, the gnomes, the power to split, to cross the universe flying, even to confront the monsters, snakes and dragons, the winged knight of formerly and the superman of today are so many interior or fantastic themes of the fantasy". This movie is a non-fiction fantasy.

Eg elska þig Susan Sontag

Snæfellsjökull, Iceland, 2014.

I wrote in the sand of Snæfelsness, a text about Susan Sontag.

This American writer had herself visited the glacier. In a New York Times article, she describes the glacier as "a laboratory of the new, the unsettling (...)". The work I performed on the sand in Hellissandur is a work of Land Art. I traced a text in the desert. When one talks about Land Art, as it is the case with almost every artistic movement, one cites male artists as points of reference. In 2008, the art critic Karen Rosenberg published an article about the exhibition Decoys, Complexes, and Triggers: Feminism and Land Art in the 1970s, which was held at the SculptureCenter in Long Island City, Queens. The female artists presented there are famous and engaged in the Land Art and post- minimalist movement. Karen Rosenberg makes clear that the theme of the exhibition is ›Feminism and Land Art‹, not ›Feminist Land Art‹, as some of the artists whose work was exhibited there do not consider themselves feminist artists. 




The apple                       

Snæfelsness, 2015.


Im eating an apple on the glacier. 

In the left panel of the painting, Garden of Earthly Delights of Jerome Bosh, God presents Adam in a landscape, apparently the garden of Eden. Bosh´s highly imaginative settings includes an odd pink fountain like structure in a body of water and an array of fanciful and abnormals animals. The central panel is a continuation of Paradise, a sunlit landscape filled with people including exotic figures of african descent. 


The Doomed Land.                         

Martinique, The Caribbean, 2014


Documentary, colour

The Montagne Pelée, is a semi-active volcano at the northern end of Martinique, in the Lesser Antilles island arc of the Carribean.

The plot of the documentary is the story of the Indians Caribs who was leaving in the town of Saint Pierre, near the explosive active volcano Mount Pelee.


Margin Border

Jérusalem, Israel, 2012.

21 min

Film super 8, colour. 

 Im looking for the center of the world in Jerusalem.






New York, 2009

12 min

Documentary super 8, black and white

United Nations Headquarters, New York

I got a job as film maker for the United Nations in New York concerning the performance of the theatre play MIKA, a play developed and performed by the theatre group ensemble Tiyatroglobal, inspired by the UN Secretary-General call to Unite to End Violence against Women, which seeks to demonstrate the diverse manifestations of violence against women and how we can all make a difference in creating a world where women are respected. Event organized by the UN Special Adviser on Gender Issues and Advancement of Women and the UN Inter-Agency Network on Women and Gender Equality.

Les mystères du crocodile

Paris, 2010.


In 2010, I worked for National Geographic Channel in Paris where I edited a trailer of the life of a crocodile. Pictures Nat Geo Wild.


Les Sans Papiers De La Porte Des Lilas

Paris 2010,

12 min

Film super 8, colour.

Shoot with Thibault Brébant.

Recent French history has shown the contradictions between governmental immigration policies and the increasing mobilisation of foreign workers. They are demanding rights. And are on strike to get them. 




The Divine Comedie

Iceland 2007

6 min

Super 8, colour

Arnarstapi was an important trading post in the past and had a much bigger population than it has now. Columnar basalt, ravines and grottoes surround the Arnarstapi pier. If you take a     guided tour, you will also hear a ghost story.





La Fournaise

India Ocean, 2007

7 min

Documentary, super 8 colour

Le Piton de la fournaise, "Peak of the  Furnace" is a shield volcano on  the eastern side Reunion island.

                                                          A film about  the eruption in april 2007.





 Travel to the centre of the earth

 Iceland, 2005

 19 min

 Documentary, colour

The Mount Snaellness and the peak of Snaefellsjokull is most famously recognized as the gateway down in Jules Verne's Journey to the Center of the Earth, but these days the glacier is known for a different kind of descent. The film maker, Anne Herzog, spent 3 months as house keeping in the hotels of the area.