Anne Herzog                                                                                                                               

B.1984 Cherbourg, France      

Live and work in Iceland and in France                                                                                                 



Education      2019 Master International Education (option art) University Of Iceland

                      2010 Master Cinema Pantheon Sorbonne

      2008 Master Multimedia University Esthua

      2008 MFA Ecole Superieure des Beaux Arts de Nantes

      2004 Academy of Visual Art, Iceland


Solo Show    


                     2017  Gallery Reeem, Amboise. 

                     2016  L´ile infernale, Studio Vendome, 2016, Nyc curated by Nicollette Ramirez

                               L´ile infernale, National Museum of Iceland, Asi, curated by Aesa Sigurjonsdottir

                      2015 Anne Herzog is in Iceland, atthagastof, Snæfeslness

                      2014 The Neverending story, Hvitahus, Snæfelsness

                             Generation Volcano, The Nordic House, Iceland

                      2013 Under the Volcano, Gallery Fold, Iceland

                               Le Point Ephemere, Paris

                     2012 Islande-Israel, National Museum of Icelandic Cultural Heritage, Iceland,  curated by Markus Antonsson

                     2009 Fractured and Faults, Trinidad and Tobago  curated by Nicollette Ramirez

                     2010 Beez and Honey presents Anne Herzog in New York City! Gallery Beez and 

                              Honey, Ny curated by Nicollette Ramirez

    2002 Centre d´Art d´Herouville Saint Clair, France

Group show   

                      2021 : Hotel Akureyri

                      2012-2020 Gallery Fold, Iceland

                      2014  Esbjerg Radhus, Denmark

                                 Kolding, Torvet, Slotssovejen

                                 Flensborg, Germany

                      2013 Gallery Ly fyrir Lyf, Iceland

                                Nordurpollin, Iceland

                      2012  Bricquebec, Castle of Normandy

                                 Art Tima Gallery, Iceland

Festival of the sea, Iceland

Godsbanen, Denmark

Institut for X, Denmark

Spor Festival, Denmark

Flux Factory, Denmark

Rvk Downtown Hotel, Iceland

         Design Week, Iceland

2011 Culture Night, National Museum of Iceland

         Garage Sale, Trinidad and Tobago

          Health Gallery, Harlem

  We are the artist, National Museum of Trinidad and Tobago 

  Night Museum, National Museum of Iceland

       2010  Empire State Of Mind, Chelsea Hotel, Nyc

                 Kaffi Hjomalind, Iceland

                 Gallery Papa Studio, Nyc

                 Miracle Garden, Nyc

                 L´atelier, Nantes, France

       2009 Cocoa Bar, Nyc

                Swing Space, Nyc

                Yippie Museum, New York City

      2008 Gallery Division of Human work, Nyc

                Zoo Galerie, Nantes

                Mac Val, France

                Apres L´Eden, Lieu Unique, Nantes

       2007 Brooklyn College, Nyc

                Plateform Kunst and Kulture, Wien, Austria

      2006  Universitat der Kunst, Berlin

      2005 Le livre et l´art, Nantes, France

      2004 Gallery Gillinhæð, Iceland

      2003 Chapelle des Beaux Arts de Cherbourg, France



                       2016 French morning, Anne Herzog reveille les volcans Islandais á New York, Nathalie Bhoyrub. 

                                Ny Art Beat, Anne Herzog, L´ile infernale, Nicollette Ramirez

                               Vivre en Islande Eric Aymard

                               Morgunblaðið Rauður litur og svartur penni Sigurður Bogi Sævarsson

                               DV Leyndardómar Snæfellsjökuls Kristjan Guðjonsson

                      2015 Wall Street Paper, Land Rover Discovery Sport: Taming Iceland  Dan Neil

                      2014 Art Nord Anne Herzog Gérard Le Marquis

                               News of Iceland Exhibition of works of volcanologist Anne Herzog at the Nordic House

                               Pressan,  Anne Herzog sýnir í Norræna húsinu, eldfjöll og Snæfellsjökull.

                      2013 Grapevine Connected to earth

                                Icelandic Review Exhibition of Snæfellsjökull Paintings Opens in Gallery Fold Zoe Robert

                                Courrier d´Islande, Anne Herzog 

                                ENewsWire, Artist Anne Herzog presents Under the Volcan at Galleri Fold in Reykjavik, Malcom

                      2012 Ouest France Un salon peinture, sculpture et photographie au Chartrier André Corbel

                               La Presse de la Manche, L´invitation au voyage

                                Land og Saga, Anne Herzog, art show in the Icelandic National Museum of Icelandic Heritage.   

                                Ice News, Iceland-Israel art exhibit opens in Reykjavík Culture House  Alex Eliott

                      2011 News Days Unique exhibit by local and foreign artists at National Museum Melissa Dassrath

                      2010  The New York Times Your life, your map Cornelius Schimdt

                      2009  News Day French Artist at Corner Bar Mellissa Dassrath 








                    2020 Dreaming of a glacier Snæfellsjökull in a Geocritical Perspective, An Artist´s Personal view: Anne Herzog. Publishing Munchner Nordistiche Studien. (p.287 to 312).

                    2004 Equinoxe, publishing La Belle Ecole, Nantes . (available at the BNF, artist book).